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Interface languages

WinDjView supports multiple interface languages by means of separate language-dependent resource dlls. Please refer to the downloads page for the list of currently available localizations. Resource dll names should start with WinDjView, for example, WinDjView-0.5-RU.dll, and they should be placed into the same folder as the main executable. The version of the dll should exactly match the version of WinDjView. I am maintaining a Russian localization of WinDjView. If you are interested in providing a new localization, please write a message to the forum on SourceForge project page.

Information for developers

To provide a resource dll, please create an empty Windows DLL project and add a copy of WinDjView.rc and resource.h to that project. An example project is provided (Russian translation) — but please copy WinDjView.rc from main distribution, not from that folder. Then every resource in the project should be marked with your language, and in project settings the same language should be specified for resources. The VS_VERSION_INFO resource should contain the localized name of the language in the Comments field, and “WinDjView Localized Resources” in the FileDescription field. FILEVERSION, PRODUCTVERSION, FileVersion and ProductVersion lines should contain the same version as WinDjView executable. The Block Header field should contain the value in your language (i.e., “Russian (04190000)”. Please use the Russian project as a reference.

After that each resource should be translated into your language, with one exeption: the menu items “Language->English” should remain in English. Please refer to the interface and/or source code to find correct declension/word endings/word choice/word order. Please try to use phrases commonly found in other software localizations, and try to keep translations concise and not overlong. Still, sometimes it may be required to change dialog dimensions to fit them to another language. Please try to make as little adjustments as possible. After translation is done, please test it by placing the resource dll in the same folder as the executable and running WinDjView.

When the resource dll is ready, please submit the source code for this dll to my SourceForge email address, and I will put it on the project downloads page.

WinDjView is currently developed with Visual Studio 2005, but other versions might also work. To build WinDjView, please first run the following command in the libdjvu folder:


(you might have to run vsvars32.bat to make it work) and then use the supplied .sln or .dsw file to build Unicode Debug version.
To build a Unicode Release version, run

nmake UNICODE=1

first in the library folder, and then in the WinDjView folder.